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We Found some more information about this cassette

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For sale is a VERY rare 1 of a kind Beatles cassette that was never released.


From the information I have gathered, this MAY BE the only copy in existence. Wikipedia mentions this album as a bootleg on the Beatles Christmas record page.

With no general release of the recordings having been made, numerous bootlegs of the recordings have since appeared.
In December 1982, two albums claiming to comprise a legitimate release of the Beatles' Christmas messages appeared on the US market. One of them, which contained the 1963–1966 recordings, was called Christmas Reflections, on a label called Desert Vibrations Heritage Series (HSRD-SP1). The other, with the recordings from 1967 to 1969, was called Happy Michaelmas and was on a label called The Adirondack Group (AG-8146).[13]
Less than a year later, on 29 September 1983, an entrepreneur announced that he was going to issue all seven messages on one record, which he planned to call John, Paul, George and Ringo.[11] The Beatles' representatives quickly sued, claiming copyright and trademark violations, and won in court.[14] As a result, the 1983 album was never released, and the two 1982 LPs were withdrawn.


The Beatles source website has an article on this cassette saying that they don’t believe it was the Beatles.

They also mention that this cassette was up for auction in 2005 and was never sold in Houston Tx.


Now here is where I come in. Around NOV 2012 I purchased this cassette in HOUSTON TX.

I was told from the person I purchased it from that the cassette came from a filing cabinet of a major law firm that shut down and closed their office.


Cleaning staff were allowed to take whatever was left over. This cassette was in an envelope in the very back of a filing cabinet drawer. It was dated 1983 and sealed with the words evidence on it.


Sadly the envelope and the lady who took the cassette are gone. Based on the amount of second hand information I have, and having heard most of the original Christmas recordings, I can state with confidence that this is the compilation mentioned in the Wikipedia article.


Research what you can, and if you find any new information in regards to this tape, by all means please send it to me.


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